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Biofeedback Full Body Scan Now Available!

I'm super excited to announce the Biofeedback FULL BODY SCAN is now available at Beyoutique! It shows exactly where and what the stresses are in your body causing dis-ease! This will show the root cause and enable you to get well. Please note that we are not allowed to diagnose 😉

What do i expect within a session?

Within one session you will find out what stresses your body, so that you can start to heal. The test is completely non invasive. You will be made comfortable and straps will be applied to your ankles, wrists and forehead. You will be able to relax like this for approx. 2.5 hours. Please note if a test is required for anyone with any special needs, contact me for a chat as we may need to do shorter sessions?

Biofeedback, also known as Bioresonance is a highly sensitive tool for testing what stresses your body. We will look deeply at a cellular level, from your emotions to your organs. We will look at your toxic overload, intolerances, bacteria, viruses, blood, minerals and so much more. Where medicine diagnoses from patterns that have been seen over time, blood tests, scans etc. based on symptoms, Biofeedback picks up frequencies that are out of balance, this means that it shows imbalances before disease even becomes apparent in the physical body. Although, we are not allowed to diagnose, we can tell you where the stresses are in your body, so that you may address them. Everything in life has a frequency, whether it be a plastic, a food or any part of the human body. The Eductor machine holds approximately 12,000 frequencies within it. The frequencies are sent to your body via the electrodes, which is perfectly safe. Your body will either accept the frequency if it resonates, OR reject it and send it back to the software to let the machine know that it doesn't resonate with that particular frequency. We can then look further into testing individual reactions with that specific item against your body! Once we have found what is causing stress to you and your body, we can send a frequency back to it to balance it out. It may be that this is all you need to put you back into balance or we may recommend a further treatment, mineral, vitamin etc. to assist you to heal further. People often come when they have exhausted other avenues such as medicine and don't know where else to turn. This is a valuable tool for prevention of illness as well as healing what you already know to be an issue, but just don't know how to heal it. I know some people are intrigued and some think it's hogwash....You will never know until you try. Everyone that undergoes Biofeedback is astonished at the findings and I can't wait to help you in your journey to healing and becoming the best you!


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