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the tarot is such a beautiful tool, based in love and nothing to be feared. some people see a card such as the 'death' card and take it literally. it is extremely rare for it to mean death, in fact it's a card i means change and that transformation is on the way! this can be a godsend for some people that are fed up with the status quo. 

the really important thing with all divination tools is that the person carrying it out is working with good intent and has knowledge and a really good understanding. i have always been interested in divination and have seen and felt spirit since i was a little girl. I have given readings since i was a very young teenager. i studied the tarot in 2005 in Glastonbury with the wonderful martine alexis and steven jewell. i have studied spirituality and healing for most of my life, well many lifetimes in fact, as it's my true passion. 

the tarot is an intuitive tool that allows us to look at our issues and lives from a higher perspective. it allows us to meditate, contemplate and understand ourselves better, therefore helping with problem solving and spiritual growth. the cards are not necessarily predictive, although this can happen. although the tarot can often foretell of things to come, each person has their own free will and must make their own decisions and can change their own future at any given moment. people often come with questions about what steps they should take next on their path. i work for the highest good of all and for alignment with the clients soul path. the answers you get with the tarot will point you in the right direction, but you will still need to decide to listen into your own true guidance and then have the courage to make the changes you wish to see in your life. progression can often be challenging as when acheiving something new and great, you may need to leave situations or people behind. all these will be your decision and you must take full responsibility. 

when you come for a tarot reading with me, i firstly connect with my higher self, guides and divine light. i often feel the spirit of your passed loved ones with me during a reading but it is not about bringing your loved ones through, although it has been known to happen. people often come for a reading when they are feeling a little lost or have too many options and not sure which way to turn. i usually carry out a general reading for you and you have a chance to ask questions along the way if you so wish. i also offer different sessions to suit your needs and budget. after tapping into a higher consciousness and looking at things from a different perspective, you will leave feeling lighter, less burdened and more empowered!

          disclaimer: each person that comes for a reading must rely on themselves and take full responsibility for any decisions that make in their own lives. it is not the responsibility of the reader  as each person has free will. for legal purposes, it is for entertainment only.

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