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which will take you on a profound soul journey of Alchemy and Rebirth

For the Divine ones who have chosen to bring the World back into balance. Join us in the Heart chakra of the Earth, where we will be going into the shadow and releasing trauma relating to the ancestral lines and the inner child. We will be re-birthing the Divine Feminine, who will rite-fully rejoin her Divine Masculine counterpart, through the sacred womb.

12th - 17th February, 2025

The Isle of Avalon holds the mysteries of the Holy Grail. 

The chalice is an emblem of the Divine Feminine and the power of the womb, which holds the power to manifest!

What better space to reclaim your power than by staying and soul journeying at the Chalice Well Retreat in Glastonbury!

The Chalice encourages seekers to drink from the well of higher wisdom and embrace the transformational journey of the soul.



The TRUE path is the SAFEST path!

You will be held in a safe space by highly trained and experienced souls, who will assist you into realignment, with Divine unconditional LOVE as your highest authority!

Your Facilitators

me pic_edited.jpg

Janine Patching

Subtle Energy Medicine Specialist

Specialises in:

Crystal Healing, Tarot Consultation, Sound Healing, Soul Alignment, Esoteric Teaching, Space cleansing, Holosomatic Breathwork.

sam pic_edited.jpg

Samantha Waterfield

Ayurvedic medicine practitioner 

Specialises in:

Clinical Aromatherapy, Intuitive Massage, Reiki Energy Healing, Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing, Holosomatic Breathwork

What is included?

  • A 6 day, 5 night stay at The Chalice Well Retreat House with private access

  • All meals and drinks. Food is vegetarian and Organic and foraged where possible and dependent on season

  • A luxury medicine pouch

  • Sacred ceremonies

  • Holosomatic breath-work

  • Energy Medicine Sessions

  • Crystal Healing

  • Kundalini yoga

  • Gong baths

  • Crystal bowl baths

  • Sacred rite of passage with private access at ancient site

  • An opportunity to book private Energy Medicine Sessions, Tarot Readings, Aromatherapy Massages (extra charge & limited spaces)

  • And so much more...

There will also be free time included within our schedule so that you can visit the wonderful sights of Glastonbury!

What is not included

  • Transport to and from Glastonbury

  • Any airfares

  • Travel insurance

  • No cancellation or refund given

Investment is £1440.00 each. Rooms are shared with one or two others and shared bathroom.

£1555 for private bedroom. Only one single room left.


Little St Michael's Retreat House is a beautiful Grade II listed house at Chalice Well, where many paths cross. It is a place to share experience, beliefs and personal truth, or a place to simply stop, be still, turn inward into the peace to be found here.  


Inside the house are simple, homely bedrooms, a quiet relaxing living room and an inspiring esoteric library, a well equipped kitchen and dining area.Most bedrooms are shared and have single beds and shared bathrooms. This is a very peaceful house and we ask that this is observed. In the eaves lies the hallowed Upper Room, a holy space kept solely for prayer, reflection and meditation, observing the Silence of this sacred room.

You will be invited to unplug during your stay here and do a digital detox as the house is free from mobile phone/laptop use. This is a time to enjoy the peace. Disconnect to reconnect! 

Please honour that this is a no smoking, no drugs and no alcohol space. We will be dealing with high frequencies and you will be required to remain as clean and clear as possible!

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cha water.jpg
chal bed.jpg
Birthday. Applicant must be over 21 years old.
Do you understand that there is no cancellation or refund for this pilgrimage and you must arrange your own insurance if you cannot attend?
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