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To your Journey to Becoming the Best You

If you are feeling lost, needing support and healing in any way, you have come to the right place!


After my husband came back from his healing with Janine and told me about his experience, I just had to book! And WOW. It was everything I hoped for and more.

Everyone’s experience is unique but for me, it opened my mind and heart so much - as well as confirming some suspicions I had about my own abilities over the years.. 

The shifts i experienced were life changing and hard to describe and I recommend her services without hesitation.


Marie - The Mindset Coach, Suffolk, UK.

I visited Janine for healing as my dad passed back in November and I've have felt lost and empty since. I've found I'm destroying all that is important to me, family relationships work and my self esteem is virtually non existent.
I've never experienced anything like what Janine did for me. She worked on my chakra's to help balance me out and I can honestly say I felt relieved and lighter on completion of our first session. Janine has a calming reassuring manner about her and I will be visiting her again as and when I feel the need to. There's no pressure to have regular treatments, in her own words I should let the healing work and be guided as to when I need another appointment.
Thanks Janine.

Sarah Jane, Essex, UK.

I’m not sure how I found Janine, but I’m glad I did! I’ve had a healing treatment and a tarot reading with her so far. Both times I felt very welcomed and at ease as Janine has such a lovely warm energy and makes you feel safe and relaxed. After the Subtle Energy Healing I felt amazing! I felt at peace and inspired to take action in my life, which I was definitely lacking beforehand. Janine balanced my chakras and cleared energy blockages caused by past life traumas. Before my treatment, I was struggling to breathe properly whilst exercising and it would spark a panic attack. After healing past life trauma involving my lungs I am now able to exercise without breathing difficulties! Truly incredible!
The tarot reading was mind blowingly accurate and absolutely fascinating!
I highly recommend the lovely Janine!

Sarah, Essex.

Janine was recommended by a dear friend and so I first met Janine for spiritual healing. The healing was really cathartic after losing my Grandma- which had not been divulged to Janine, who spiritually picked up on my grief and gave the time after to talk all that had been felt by both of us. Janine gives time to each appointment, as she is aware of emotions and time needed after an appointment. I have also had a tarot reading which was honest, sympathetic and real. Again allowing me to discuss my reactions and emotions after dissecting the pattern and trends of the cards. My boyfriend and close friends have had amazingly accurate individual tarot readings too! 

I whole heartedly trust and respect Janine's gift to allow individuals to find their spiritual soul. I certainly have found mine!


Sal, Essex, UK.


Great Dunmow, Essex, United Kingdom.




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